CHAMPION: Apocalypse-Manila Chess Team comprising Team Captain IM Bancod Ronald (PHI), Rivera Albert (PHI), Barretto Franz (PHI) and Sacar Mohamad (PHI) with average rating of  1970!

2nd PLACE: STMIK-STIE Mikroskil comprising Muhammad Johan Goliong, Roy Charles Marpaung, FM Yee Soon Wei (BRU) and Team Captain FM Pitra Andika (INA) with average rating of 1991.

3rd PLACE: Bicol Express comprising Bagamasbad Efren (PHI), Carlo Lorena (PHI), Team Captain Cheah Cheok Fung (MAS) and Manaog Stewart (PHI).

4th PLACE: KaSUGI A comprising CM Amier Hamzah B Mohd Zuhri (MAS), Subramaniam Sumant (MAS), Wong Jianwen (MAS) and Team Captain Ian Udani (PHI) with average rating of 2064.


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